Functional Fitness: The 5 W's

Functional Fitness: The 5 W's.



That's right, anyone! The great thing about Functional Fitness is that it can be scaled to any ability level. If you are looking to become stronger in your everyday life, not just the gym, it might be the answer for you!


Functional Fitness is a type of exercise that emphasizes movements and workouts that have a "functional" component that can translate into your every day life. The workouts are programmed to make things like squatting down to pick things up and carrying groceries inside easier day to day.


The when is up to you! Luckily, it is very time efficient. 30-45 minutes will get you a great, safe workout. Of the 1,440 minutes in a day, you owe yourself at least 30 minutes of exercise!


These workouts can be done literally anywhere, but a facility with equipment designed for functional exercise is best. It also helps to have a fitness professional supervise your workout to make sure you are using proper form and pushing yourself to a challenging, but safe level.

Finally, Why?!

You have to find your "why". I want to keep up with my kids. I want to be able to bend over and pick something up from the ground. I want to play weekend basketball without worrying about being out of shape.

Once you find your "why", you're ready to get started.


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