Surviving the Diet Fads

If you google "diets", there are at least 50 different options that pop up and each and every one claims that they are the best!

Their goal is to hook you, the unknowing and desperate consumer, into trying their diet plan/weight loss bar/weight loss supplement. And often, it works (the hook, that is)!

Unfortunately, nowadays, everyone wants an easy fix. "Oh, I only eat popcorn for this diet? That sounds so easy plus it says I'll lose at least 20 lbs.!". The reality is that you probably will lose some weight, but it will likely be lean body mass (e.g. muscle) instead of fat, you will re-gain that weight as soon as your return to your normal eating habits (because these diets are almost never sustainable) and you will be right back where you started after wasting 4-6 weeks of your time, effort and usually money.

If someone tries to sell you low carb, low fat, low anything, or any diet that emphasizes either restriction from certain foods or restricts you only to certain foods (like the popcorn diet, or cabbage diet), laugh in their face and walk away! What they are trying to sell you is bull****. Save your time, save your money, and find someone who will work with you to build a lifestyle change that leads to your dream body and/or state of health!

When you are looking for someone to help you, here are a few good steps.

***If you have any medical conditions(diabetes, heart disease) and are currently under a doctor's supervision, you need medical clearance and should probably seek the counsel of a Registered Dietitian.***

1. Find someone! This can be someone such as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, or Registered Dietitian. This can be someone you know or maybe someone your friends have recommended.

2. Make contact! Ask about certifications, experience, methods, and price. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and if something doesn't feel right, don't hire them! This is your time and your money. Take the time to find someone who you "click" with.

3. Hire them! Once you feel you have found someone you can work with, hire them!

4. Listen! You have just made an investment in yourself. Listen to what they tell you and follow it to a "T". If they are good, they will interview you, take notes, and work with you to come up with a plan that works. Once they provide you with all of the information, follow through! Don't waste your time and money!

5. Be patient! Weight loss is different for anyone. Any effective fat loss plan will inevitably take some time. You owe that time to yourself! You didn't gain 20 lbs. over night, and you definitely won;t lose it that fast either!

6. Stay current! Stay up to date with your motivation. Remind yourself "why" daily, weekly, and monthly. Your trainer should help you stay on track by motivating you and helping you set goals.

So, now that we have covered the process to finding someone, here are some red flags when selecting someone to work with. If they don't take the time to do any of these steps, be weary!

1. Interview: If they don't interview you and ask about your life, past and current, in detail, they are likely giving you the same "meal plan" they gave to the last three people and you will likely fail.

2. Goals: If they don't help you set goals for your weight loss or at least give you a timeline, run! They are looking to cash in real fast and get out!

3. Follow-up: Now they don't need to be checking in with you at the end of each an every day, but there should be some contact at the end of each week whether it is in person or through e-mail/text message.

OK, now you know what to be weary of and what to look for - get out there and do it!

It is important to remember that you are likely not a fitness guru and unless you are very self-motivated and educated on the matter, you really shouldn't try and do your own diet/fitness plan. You likely won't last very long or see sustainable results. Work with someone who is knowledgeable and let them handle the details. People often come to me who have been self-training and present with numerous muscular imbalances and postural issues that are leading them down the path to a major injury. Find a good trainer and invest some money in yourself!

If you are looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals, send me a message and let's chat!


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