Setting Goals and Smashing Them!

Goal setting is a bit of an art. It is a self-help technique that any person can do! However, it can seem deceptively simple. Everyone responds differently to pressure. By that, I mean anyone can set goals, but you need to know how to set effective goals to create the right amount of pressure for you. And that is exactly what goal-setting achieves - creating growth through personal pressure.

The black and white nature of effective goal setting gives you indisputable feedback based on your efforts. Effectively set goals should be realistically obtainable based on your ability. That way, if you fail to achieve an effectively set goal, it comes down to your efforts - that is it!

Effective goals are set with a specific focus, specific timeline and measurability. The focus enables the individual to exert more energy into a specific lagging area in their life. The timeline ensures that it actually gets done! We are all guilty of starting a diet tomorrow, or getting back into the gym starting on Monday, or even worse, setting a New Year's resolution that fizzles out within a few weeks. Making your goals measurable means there is a numerical way to track it. If you are making a goal to save money, set a goal dollar amount. If you are looking to lose weight or inches, set goals for pounds or inches. Measurability is even more effective when you pair it with a reward or feeling. For example, if I save x amount of dollars in 30 days, I will buy a new dress or pair of shoes; or along with my weight loss goal of x pounds or x inches, I want to feel more confident and slim!

Now, some people think their goals have to be huge, life changing, 360 degree changes, but it can literally be as simple as not buying coffee every day of the month. Or limiting your sweets to one serving a day. This is where setting effective goals specifically for you is important. Just remember to set a number goal along with a feeling or reward!

The same goes with losing weight. If you set some huge goal which is unrealistic, you are setting yourself up for failure. When you setup weight-loss goals, make sure they are achievable for you, but not so easy that you aren't placing any pressure on yourself. Your personal growth comes from challenging yourself, succeeding, and continuing to push yourself. But what if you fail? I hate focusing on "what-ifs", but there is a great lesson there. Either your goal was not effectively set, or you did not put forth the effort. Personal growth comes from failing as well - from your ability to fail, and get back up to try again.

Learning how to set goals with a focus, timeline and measurability is vital to your personal health and growth!

If you really struggle with goal-setting, I can help! As a Fitness Coach, a huge part of keeping my clients motivated and working hard is helping them with effective goal setting. If you need help, contact me and lets chat about it! I can help with any fitness goal you have!

Remember, the best thing to invest in is you!!


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