Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Coach

Wait, there's a difference?

Yes! Well, sort of...

I am technically certified as a personal trainer. However, when I hear "trainer" I cringe just a little bit. I cringe because when I hear the word trainer, I think of dogs. Dog trainers. Sit, Stay, Roll-over. It makes me think of an unbalanced, disconnected relationship - one person directing the other what to do and the other person - doing it.

However, when I hear coach, I think of leader, teacher, friend, mentor, etc. etc.

So, I prefer to think of myself as a "fitness coach" - someone you hire because of their knowledge, but also their ability to work with you, teach you, and instill confidence in you as a human being. It goes beyond prescribing sets, reps, weight, exercises and nutrition advice - it is about transforming the current you into your ideal you by developing good habits and reinforcing them.

My goal is to coach my clients, not necessarily train them! Personal Training is a two way street - my knowledge, your feedback, and both of our effort!

At the end of the day, it is just a title, however to me, coach sounds just a little bit better! :)

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