3 Rules for Gaining Muscle

I get this question all the time - "how come I am not gaining muscle? I eat 5 times a day, lift weights for 2 hours but I can't seem to gain weight!"

In this case, there are 3 things which I would examine in determining why this person can not gain muscle.

1. You're probably not eating enough food.

"But I drink 4 protein shakes a day along with 5 scoops of mass gainer!" Most people trying to build muscle are not eating as much as they think they are. Once I have them sit down and track their true macronutrient intake for one full day, it is often that they are barely meeting maintenance caloric intake. To gain muscle, you have to be consuming enough calories to maintain your current body mass and daily activity, plus at least an additional 500 calories per day. Sitting down and mapping out your day's meals and packing them accordingly is the single most effective step - besides lifting weights - to packing muscle on.

2. The quality of your weight lifting movements is lagging.

Yes, lifting weights is one of those areas where we see quality and quantity yet again, however, I believe the quality of the quantity of weights lifted is most important! Let me explain. You can go in the gym for two hours with your music blasting, drifting from weight rack to cable machine and do a bunch of half-assed reps and sets. Or, you can make a plan before you get to the gym and focus on the quality of each lift you are doing, Make every repetition and set count! Put in as much effort as you can every time you touch the weights.

3. You are probably inconsistent day to day and week to week,

This is this biggest obstacle most people face in any phase of physical fitness, whether it is weight loss, performance, conditioning, or gaining muscle. Consistency means you are eating your meals on time, getting in the gym and putting in the effort. If you fall off of the wagon every few days, you are only wasting your time.

Try to celebrate each day's successes and focus on positive actions, but don't forget to examine your failures that day or that week. Don't dwell, but study what threw you off track and what it took to get you back on track. At the end of the day, it is true you are only human, but you are a great human capable of anything you commit to.

So, to recap: Eat lots of nutritious food, make your training count, and get on a routine and stick to it!

If you need help getting started or have questions, don't hesitate to contact Ryan! We offer individual programming for weight loss, performance, conditioning and of course gaining muscle.


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